DRIVING IN THE KEY OF PLAY wthout knowing your destination, with STUART SHILS

November 11 – 13, 2022, with an opening lecture on November 10

A few questions:

Are you comfortable with making an incredible mess and seeing that as a blessing?

Can you drive visually without a map?

Are you afraid of making ‘mistakes’ and instead play it safe by reinforcing your branded identity?

Do all your paintings look the same?

Can you step outside of who you are supposed to be?

At a difficult intersection, can you easily mobilize visceral instinct and improvise the path forward?

Do you solve problems in the studio by returning to recipes you learned from someone else?

These three days are oriented toward nurturing illumination by recognizing that working outside your comfort zone is THE doorway to all possibility. Our guided time together will continue the work of the previous Facing Your Fears in the Studio, 3 days of curated, imaginative visual play, encouraging you to swim more confidently in the tide of uncertainty. (previous attendance not required)

In a small group we’ll explore with painting (and some drawing), the mystical marriage between the analytical and feeling minds, and not worry about what we are doing next but more importantly, tasting how to be IN THE MOMENT physically and imaginatively and how to FEEL that moment as a palpable choreography, as a story being written but whose end we cannot yet know and don’t’ need to know.

The point of my classes is not a ‘product’ orientation. I’m not here to help you make paintings for galleries, but rather to assist in developing a state of mind that is your tool kit for the visual life, and to suggest a path for confidence rooted in curiosity, risk and visual playfulness.

Thursday night, opening slide talk, 6:30pm EST, 90 minutes with q&a at the end:

this talk will be a foundational beginning for the following three days:

Friday, November 11, 11am – 3pm

Saturday, November 12, 11am – 2:30pm

Sunday, November 13, 11am – 2:30pm

all 3 days are keyed to Eastern Standard Time

it will not be unusual if we run a little over on some of the days so please allow for that if necessary.

Additionally, this class will offer a 30-minute individual consultation to be scheduled with Stuart following the class at your convenience.

Cost for this 5-part workshop is $720

Please contact artworkshopsboulder@gmail.com with questions and/or to register.