FACING YOUR FEARS IN THE STUDIO and surviving being totally lost, with access to curiosity and imagination w/ STUART SHILS

April 28 – May 1, 2022 (on zoom)

FACING YOUR FEARS (on zoom) is an invitation to demolish the wall between right and wrong, and to recognize that being out of control is actually the doorway to possibility and to your path forward

an intensive 3-day painting class on zoom, oriented to turning you inside out, disrupting expectations and questioning conditioning. By encouraging exploration, play and facing the unknown as a way forward, you will build an improvisational musculature for re-imaging who you might be in the studio.

Many of us settle into a carefully scripted and protected practice that keeps us safe within the boundaries of security. And when we do face change it’s often through someone else’s carefully scripted program related to how they paint. But “they” is not you.

Really, there is no way to paint other than your way, but it’s much easier to follow the path of another than to deal with the unknown. And then there is the question of who are you?

Through a sequence of prompts and exercises, these 3 aggressive days will ask you to self- interrogate through the lenses of analytical and improvisational mind, and it will not be for the meek; but you will emerge with a renewed, expanded and confident sense of strength that you will own.

Thursday night, April 28, opening slide talk, 6:30pm EST, 90 minutes with q&a at the end:

this talk will be a foundational beginning for the following three days

Friday, April 29, 11am – 3pm

April 30, 11am – 2:30pm

Sunday, May 1, 11am – 2:30pm

all 4 days are keyed to Eastern Standard Time

it will not be unusual if we run a little over on some of the days so please allow for that if necessary.

Additionally, this class will offer a 30-minute individual consultation to be scheduled with Stuart following the class at your convenience.

Cost for this 5-part workshop is $720

Please contact artworkshopsboulder@gmail.com with questions and/or to register.