October 28, 29, 30, 2022

with an opening lecture on October 27

Reframing the Ordinary via Zoom, is a seminar-format deep-dive into observation of the world before our eyes. We’ll address the nature of graphic response to the visual moment using drawing and collage to clarify what it means to really pay attention using an improvisational imagination.

Drawing is the fundamental thought engine of all visual response, yet most of us do not draw in a daily way to solve problems, open doors and pursue visual curiosity. We’re devoted to an idea of painting as the path forward but in the most elemental way, painting is drawing and is guided by the choreography of drawing, which at the end of the day is feeling. I can’t teach feeling but by way of close looking and paying attention we learn to feel our way through both looking and formulating a response.


1) enhanced visual confidence as an observer of what is right in front of you,

2) more intimate access to drawing as the engine behind all visual thought,

3) a more finely tuned graphic intuition in which risk and an improvisational imagination are part of your tool kit for decision making.

We’ll explore large themes like:

the nature of line and mass

the meaning of simplification,

how time impacts decision making,

the reshaping of expectations,

the impact of conditioning,

where to begin and why, 

and the overall palpability and malleability of the working surface as a choreography of form.

The class schedule is as follows:

  • Thursday, October 27, 1.5 hours orientation slide talk, required for all participants, 6:30PM EST
  • Friday, October 28, 3.5 hours beginning at 11:00AM EST
  • Saturday and Sunday, October 29 and 30, 2.5 hours beginning at 11:00AM EST (we may run over)

·      Also included with the class is a 30-minute individual conference with Stuart after the class is over, at a time of your choosing, to explore any aspect of your work or your work life that you’d like to discuss. Could be by phone, skype, zoom or whatever you are comfortable with. 

No matter what kind of art you are involved with, this class will bring you closer to drawing and perhaps more importantly, to your eyes.

Materials are simple – paper, pencils, eraser, black construction paper, scissors, a marker or two or two crayons, etc. (Materials list to be provided.)

Cost for this 5-part zoom presentation is $640. Please contact for registration and payment details.