July 8 – 11, 2021

a hands on exploration of essential tools for fertilizing a vibrant studio life: scissors, camera, crayons focuses on close engagement with ways of fueling the interiority of your imagination.

a few questions related to how we access and shape a visual imagination:

– Do we work from a place of expansive possibility or from rules, regulations, and someone else’s recipe for predictable outcomes?

– Can we look at our work and feel opportunity, and then take it where it needs to go, even if we don’t have the map?

– How do we engage in a kind of play that allows us to see everything and ourself differently?

PLAY is one of the most important places for us to meet ourself, and to even meet the self we might not even know is there, or whom we are keeping in the closet. Authentic play is driven by an unfettered imagination, not concerned with right or wrong.

An imagination involves not only how we bring our gaze to the world before our eyes, but also to our work, and they are both interconnected. How we move from here to there, from one moment to the next, has everything to do with how we root ourselves in the saturation of the moment, right now. The big question is, are we really present or are we somewhere else?

Scissors, Camera, Crayons will not only supplement your studio work, but open doors for carrying yourself past walls of restriction. Each day will be devoted to exploring the possibilities of scissors, camera and crayons, together and alone. 

The class schedule is as follows:

·      Thursday, 1.5 hours orientation slide talk, required for all participants, 6:30PM EST

·      Friday, 3.5 hours beginning at 11:00AM EST

·      Saturday and Sunday, 2.5 hours beginning at 11:00AM EST(we may run over

·      Also included with the class is a 30-minute individual conference with Stuart after the class is over, at a time of your choosing, to explore any aspect of your work or your work life that you’d like to discuss. Could be by phone, skype, zoom or whatever you are comfortable with. 

Cost for this workshop is $640

Please contact w/questions and/or to register